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Every day that I use 1password on an input I find that I have to search for my password among several results.

Every day I use the one in the middle or at the end of the results and 1password is not smart enough to remember it next time.

Wouldn't it be possible for you to put a counter on the use of passwords and order them by more use to less use?

It would be great if it differentiated by domain, but even if it was basic at least it would behave more intelligently.

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  • Dave_1P

    Hello @CristianDeluxe! 👋

    I'm sorry that you're running into issues when using 1Password. Am I understanding correctly that you're referring to the filling menu that appears with suggestions when you're signing into a website? If that's right then can you tell a little more so that I can better understand the situation:

    1. Do you have multiple logins for the same website?
    2. You mentioned "differentiated by domain", are you seeing login suggestions for other domains/websites when signing into a website? You should only see suggestions for logins that include that website's domain/URL.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  • CristianDeluxe
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    Hello, thank you for your reply.

    Yes, I have multiple logins, for example there are pages that have Wordpress and Prestashop, apart a CPanel control panel and other related data then I have:

    Login: Prestashop Admin -> shop.domain.com
    Login: Prestashop Test User -> shop.domain.com
    Login: Cpanel -> cpanel.domain.com
    Login: Wordpress Admin -> domain.com
    maybe others like mail, etc...

    That's why I said to separate (or sort) by domains although I should have specified subdomains.

    What would be really useful is that if I enter with my Wordpress admin login and I enter almost every day, CPanel or an email that I never use does not appear first... and the result I want is in 5th or 6th position.

    That's why I said to have a counter or something similar to say, hey this is the one that is used every day, let's show it first.


  • Dave_1P


    Thank you for that clarification. You can set logins to only be suggested on the specific subdomain that you add as a website address to that login item in 1Password:

    You'll want to choose the Only fill on this exact domain option for the subdomain address in each login item. Let me know if that helps.