Dropbox deprecating old API used in the discontinued 1Password 3 for iOS app

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Hi there,

just to get this right: I am a user who paid a lot of money to buy 1password for win as well as 1password for ios - and now in only 10 days, sync will stop working?

As there's obviously no other options for me (except to pay a lot of money again), I feel a little ridiculed.

It wouldn't be a big thing for me get rid of Dropbox, I think we can't trust them any longer anyways. But as there's no other option for me as to use them (no USB sync, no Wifi sync), it find myself treated unfairly.


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    It sounds like there may be some confusion, @atrejuvienna. I apologize for this. We wrote up complete details in our blog post, but it's possible that you missed it. In the blog post we make it clear that Wi-Fi syncing is a perfectly suitable option if you don't want to upgrade to 1Password 4 for iOS. Since you said you don't want to use Dropbox, that sounds like the perfect solution for you.

    If you do want to upgrade to 1Password 4 for iOS, you will be getting much more than just Dropbox sync support. 1Password 4 for iOS is a complete rewrite from the ground up. Not a single line of code or pixel was reused from the old version 3. There are loads of great new features: iCloud syncing, rich icons, custom fields, password generator on every password field, swipe actions, favorites, tabbed browsing, global search, dedicated web mode we call 1Browser, attachment viewing, faster Dropbox syncing, iTunes file sharing, auto-clear clipboard, and more!

    Here's the blog post we wrote when 1Password 4 first debuted (which, by the way, was over half a year before Dropbox announced this change) . It contains some more information about all the new features:


    But we haven't been sitting still since then either. We released two major updates with loads more new features as well. Among other things, 1Password 4.1 added custom URL schemes which enables external lookup from other iOS apps:


    There is a bookmarklet you can use in Safari to open the page you are currently viewing in 1Browser so you can have your password filled securely:


    In 1Password 4.2 we improved the already stellar 1Browser and added a Sharing feature:


    You can read more about the details of sharing in our follow up post:


    I know that is already a lot of links, but there is just so much awesome packed into 1Password 4 that it is hard to sum it all up succinctly. Everyone I talk to has their own favorite new feature. :)

    There are also a lot of great reviews if you want some unbiased opinions:


    I hope that helps you make an informed decision. Let me know if you require any other information. :)

  • I use 1Password 3 regularly. I don't have 1Password for Mac, so can't use wifi sync, leaving no option other than to upgrade. This leaves me feeling betrayed by the company - 1Password wasn't cheap, and version 3 was dropped weeks after I purchased it.

    The 1Password support staff contacted me with a condescending email stating "I've asked our developers, and none of them want to work for free". It's not my problem if they have their sales model wrong, but I'm sure if will be yours soon. Their sales model hasn't changed, so no doubt 1Password 4 will be dropped next time they want to pay their devs.

    But there is another option folks - iOS 7 includes the new iCloud Keychain which offers similar functionality to 1Password natively within Safari (although for iOS and Mac only). With the likelihood of fingerprint authentication coming in the next iPhone, and a matter of time before its supported in 3rd Party apps, I find it impossible to justify the upgrade. iOS 7 should be available in September, and best of all its free.

  • You're right, @Khan, maybe I missed something - in that case I'd apology - but from what I understood, the wifi sync option does not exist in 1password for windows (which I'm using) ...

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    I'm terribly sorry you had a bad experience when you emailed us. I'll follow up on that to make sure it doesn't happen again.

    I can't make promises about the future since when 1Password first debuted the iPhone and iPad didn't even exist. So anything is possible in the future. That said, I think we have a pretty good track record with taking care of our customers. There has only been one paid upgrade on iOS in 1Password's entire 7 year history as an app. We gave away hundreds of free updates to v1, v2, and v3. 1Password 4 for iOS is the first paid upgrade on iOS ever.

    We also are giving away a free upgrade to 1Password 4 for Mac to anyone who bought 1Password 3 on the Mac App Store (including all the way back to September 2011) and everyone who purchased 1Password 3 for Mac directly from our website at any time in 2013. I have never heard of a company being that generous with upgrades.

    If you would like to upgrade to 1Password 4 for iOS, we would be more than happy to help you by reimbursing you $10 USD so you effectively get the sale price. In order to get the ball rolling on that, you'll need to do a few things.

    • Purchase 1Password 4 for iOS.
    • Email us your receipt from Apple showing the purchase.
    • Also let us know your Paypal ID (usually the email address used).

    Once we have that info, we'll process the reimbursement as soon as possible via PayPal.

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help!

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    …the wifi sync option does not exist in 1password for windows (which I'm using) ...

    You are completely correct, @atrejuvienna. It's been a very long day, and I somehow missed that part of your initial post. Please forgive me. If you email us, we have ways of helping for those in your situation: [email protected] agilebits .com

    Please do be in touch. We genuinely want to help.

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    Wow, this totally sucks. I have an iPad that I MUST keep at iOS 5 for development reasons, because unlike you guys, we want our apps to work on older iOS versions too. And the new version of 1Password does not work on the old iOS, so we get screwed two ways here. So here s an idea Agile, how about compiling your new version so it runs on iOS 5 as well please? Yea, I know, it takes a little effort, but I think that is why we pay for the apps.

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    I also have to ask, is there no way to release an update to the previous version that fixes the API issue?

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    how about compiling your new version so it runs on iOS 5 as well please?

    There are iCloud API improvements in iOS 6 and also the new UICollectionView and UIActivityView classes that 1Password 4 is using, so that isn't an option in our case.

    I also have to ask, is there no way to release an update to the previous version that fixes the API issue?

    Making the fix before the change actually happens is not feasible. The complications of having an old and unsupported version released temporarily on the App Store are very large.

  • @Khad, I talked (actually, I wrote) to Greig from your support now - it seems that in fact, there is NOT a solution, at least that's what he wrote me:

    ... we don't have a solution for you to continue to sync your 1Password data. For this, we are terribly sorry. Right now, your best solution is to simply backup your 1Password 3 for iOS data using Backup&Restore.

    As you wrote that there IS a solution, I wonder what this might be? Looking forward ....

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    I'm sorry for any confusion, @atrejuvienna. I've sent you a PM.

  • This leaves me feeling betrayed by the company - 1Password wasn't cheap

    Completly agree, I find it dificult to trust AgileBits again. :(

    Just restored my iPhone and my data is lost in DropBox, can not find a way to recover on version 3.7.2

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