Mac Beta, Dropbox and Wifi

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Hey guys, i have let the iOS betas kinda ease off in favor of helping with 1Password 4 Mac. Since I know wifi sync is big for folks I was thinking of enabling the beta and trying it.

Just a few clarifications on my end.

As I remember the beta and production apps live apart. ✓ So no need to just run one or the other, I can still run both as in the original betas. ✓
Are there any considerations for me specifically since i am running both betas Mac and iOS w/ Dropbox sync enabled. ?? I doubt it but wanted to check.



  • Related: I don't seem to be able to Dropbox sync using 4.5b15 on either iPad or iPhone. Wifi sync seems to be the only way to get my existing data into this build.

  • AndyPAndyP 1Password Alumni

    thanks for the feedback @rubygrrl42!

    We found a bug in the 4.5b15 public where Dropbox sync wouldn't work. This is fixed in 4.5b16 which will be published later today. Let us know how it works for you...

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