Feature Request: "Billers" category

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I would like to see the addition of "Billers" added to the category list as I want to add all my billers to 1Password such as Verizon, Verizon Wireless to name a few.

Please advise if this something being added to 1Password for future upgrades.



  • khad
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    Thanks for your feedback, @chris_stern. For now perhaps just tag the corresponding Login items with "billers" or put them in a folder called "Billers". I do this myself and even have different tags for ones I have on autopay via (1) credit card (in case I lose my card and need to know which ones I need to update with the new card number) and (2) checking account. I even use different cards so I note the specific card in the Notes field. :)

    I hope that helps for now. I'll pass your feature request along to the developers.

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