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Awhile ago I added some bank accounts with custom fields using password fields for memorable data. As I was able to edit the field names I could set them to e.g. Q1, Q2 etc. to distinguish them. Very handy.

I've just added a new account but can't find a way to edit the field names anymore. Not so good. As I recall you used to be able to tap and hold on the field name. Has this changed or have I just forgotten how to do it?


  • khad
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    I don't know anything about tapping and holding, but if you simply tap "Add new field" when editing the item (or first creating it) you will be able to add new fields.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know. :)


  • bela71385
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    I have the same problem. Once I hit "Add a new field" I would select "Text". It would appear where you see "phone" and "address" above but then you could tap and hold the word "text" which allowed you to change to another description like "login". I can't do this anymore.

  • sbondi
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    Appear only as "text".

    They are editable on Mac Beta.

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