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Love that Cloud Sync

NovaScotianNovaScotian Senior Member
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Just had to make a bunch of changes to my 1Password logins on my main machine (MacOSXhints has changed), then on my Touch, I started 1P Pro > More > Dropbox Sync > wait a tick, Sync Now -- Done.


  • macpugmacpug Agile Customer Care
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    Sorry for the lateness of my follow-up, but I'm really glad you like the Cloud Sync. Isn't it awesome that it's so fast? Thanks for taking time to post about it :)
  • khadkhad Social Choreographer
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    I honestly hate to think about life before MobileMe syncing my address book, calendar, contacts, and bookmarks.

    Life has definitely improved thanks to the equally simple Dropbox sync in 1Password. It's like a Ron Popeil infomercial: "set it and forget it."

    If you're not using Dropbox syncing in 1Password, shame on you. :-)

    Thanks for the cloud love, NovaScotian!
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