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Restoring a data file via iTunes File Transfer on Windows

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I am using iTunes to back up my 1Password (ver 4.2.6) data from my iPad (w/Retina Display) running IOS 6.1.3 to a folder on my Windows Vista computer (I do not have 1Password installed on the computer). This is all done in accordance with the Tutorial on the Agilebits website, with one exception: the only entry in the "1Password Documents" window on iTunes is a Folder named "1Password.agilekeychain", it is not a File as is shown on the tutorial.

I then use the same Windows computer and iTunes to restore that back-up to 1Password (ver 4.2.6) on my iPhone 5 running IOS 6.1.4. The problem is that when I save the backup from the iPad to the computer, it is saved as a Folder named "1Password.agilekeychain", this Folder has several subfolders and files, none of which are named "1Password.agilekeychain". When I use iTunes to restore the iPad backup to the iPhone, iTunes can not select the Folder named "1Password.agilekeychain" located on the Windows computer, because iTunes is looking for a File, not a Folder. I have tried selecting various files located in subfolders to "1Password.agilekeychain" but although they do seem to transfer up to my iPhone, they do not cause a restore to happen after restarting 1Password on the iPhone. I do not wish to use Dropbox or Cloud syncing. Could anyone help me to make this work?


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    From the User Guide:

    You won’t be able to use iTunes to restore your 1Password data, you must use Dropbox to restore your data manually. Once the Dropbox sync is done, you can disable Dropbox completely to finish your restore.

    This is because Windows doesn't know how to properly handle a file bundle, and iTunes for Windows doesn't allow adding folders (which is how Windows sees the file bundle).

    I'm sorry if that isn't the answer you were hoping for, but I hope it helps explain the situation.

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