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Editing an Account on iOS app causes it to be changed to login.

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I edited an "Account" item type on my phone and it changed it to a login, with no way back but to redo the account.

Very annoying. Can this be fixed?



  • khadkhad
    1Password Alumni

    1Password 4 changes the categories which were confusing to a lot of folks in 1Password 3. Many items that were in the "Accounts" category in 1Password 3 are now converted to Login items if they don't fit into one of the new categories. This will make a lot more sense once you're using 1Password 4 for Mac since right now you have the old categories in 1Password 3 for Mac and the new categories in 1Password 4 for iOS.

    Sorry for the inconvenience in the mean time, but 1Password 4 for Mac is on the way. :)

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