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Feature request: Smart folders and alpha scroll bar

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Hi - two features which I would use daily are (I am using v4.3b7 for iPhone)

  1. Is it possible to have the smart folders feature on the iPhone version. Even if this would be a sync item with the MAC version and not customisable on the iPhone would be brilliant. In this way, items are collected based on a predefined tag etc.

  2. When viewing all the log ins, it would be extremely useful if there was an alphabetical scroll on the right which enables you to quickly jump to a position on the list. I am sure this was available in earlier versions ...

Hope I have made this clear - happy to answer any questions.



  • khadkhad
    1Password Alumni

    I’ll pass your feature requests along to the developers. Thanks for your feedback, @Davidbd! :D

  • akeaileeakeailee
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    I have a similar request for Tags support - i.e., please put it in mobile versions (iPad / iPhone) as soon as possible. I am a new customer that has entered ~100 entries so far from a competitor's tool. I entered this wave of entries into the tool using Tags because: (1) folders are too restrictive (I did not realize the Smart Folder (SF) option), (2) Tags make it very simple for multiple users to use their own organizational preferences, (3) Tags are the emerging favorite organization tool in many other applications/environments.

    There are multiple issues preventing me from adding my next wave of items:

    1. learning that Tags/SFs are not available on iPads/iPhones
    2. learning that Tag data cannot even be viewed from mobile devices
    3. learning that requests for Tag views on mobile devices is at least 3-4 years old with no action (one forum request is from Dec'2010).

    Adding this capability should be relatively easy. Sync the data (I assume it is simple Key-Value like most other data in an item); add an option to display settings to specify basic folder or Tag views; then mimic display tooling you already have for basic folders. However, when I saw that the SF option was also not available on mobile devices, it got me thinking. It seems like Tags and SFs differ from basic folders in common a way - they both allow more than one item in multiple views (e.g., a single Identity item could be in multiple SF views or in multiple Tag views.

    While I am fine with 1PW not committing features here, I feel stuck on whether to invest the time to make this a core tool. Since it has been 3-4 years without this type of function on mobile devices, I worry that there is something under the covers that will result in it never being there.

    Can you help? I would like to avoid adding my next wave of items until I understand the following:

    1. Why can i not even see what tags exist for a given login item while all other data (some self defined) is visible?
    2. Are tags synched to the mobile device even if not visible? This seems artificially limited since it is just a field and set of text values.
    3. Is there something inherent in the 1PW mobile design that makes Tag or SF view options really hard to provide?
    4. Most importantly, is using SF or Tag views inherently flawed for some reason? Do other AgileBits tools provide this capability?

    I am reticent to invest more time making this a critical tool if the mobile device support cannot leverage my time spent on the laptop version.


  • JasperJasper

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    edited January 2014

    Hey @akeailee,

    I agree, tags on iOS would be awesome. There's currently a big update to 1Password 4 for iOS app in beta testing. Not sure when it will be released, or surely what new features will be included, but I bet you'll like it. :)

  • MeganMegan
    1Password Alumni

    Hi @akeailee,

    Thanks for the feedback here! Believe me, you're certainly not alone in wanting tags in iOS. It is probably one of our most requested features. And I'm with you. I love how easy it is to organize things in Smart Folders with Tags. Unfortunately, I can't comment much on un-released features, because there are too many factors involved, particularly in something as major as implementing Tags and Smart Folders, and we certainly do not want to get users' hopes up if we are unable to deliver due to factors beyond our control.

    As @JasperP mentions though, we do have a big update coming for iOS, and it is going to be a nice one!

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