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1) Would like to be able to easily have whole groups not shown in 1Password mini. Instead of having to go into each item and choose Never display in browser. I have no need to see Software licenses in mini, but I had to go into each one to have it not display the whole group.

2) How come we can't edit from the mini/browser extension anymore?

3) Folder items in the mini window are not sorted at all it seems.

4) Unfiled shows items from the Trash? Can this be turned off?

5) In list view in main app, we can't tell what group/folder items are in anymore.

6) Possible to mirror the Edit button on the right side window view to the top? I'm on a 27" display and having to go to the bottom to click edit and back to the top where are the info is is kind of annoying.

7) Copying to Carbon apps. To exclude the ability to copy to things like BBEdit and Office and pretty major. I don't want to have to paste into a TextEdit doc just to send a password/login/etc. There must be a different way?

Great job though.....very slick interface and love the way the new mini works (for the most part).



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    Hi @netnothing,

    1. Agreed, this would be nice to do in the future for 1Password.
    2. The 1Password mini is brand new, nothing is reused and it's going to take some time to bring in all the features that 1Password 3 extension had. The good news is that unlike 1Password 3, we only have to improve 1Password mini once and all the browser extensions will benefit from it. In 1Password 3, anything we add, we have to repeat the process for each browser extension and that takes even longer to release new features.
    3. Not yet, we have an improvement request in our tracker to see if we can sort it the same way as the main 1Password app
    4. If this smart folder is imported from 1Password 3, try to create a new smart folder in 1Password 4 and it should exclude the trashed items by default.
    5. This is going to be fixed in a future update
    6. We've tried it but it didn't look right. We will try to revisit this in a future update. Right now, you can press Command + E to instantly start editing the item.
    7. We didn't intentionally exclude this, we are using the latest standard pasteboard APIs but for some reasons, OS X isn't converting it properly between the standard APIs and the outdated Carbon-based pasteboard that some of the Mac apps uses. We're investigating a solution but it might take some time.

    I'm glad you're liking the most of the 1Password 4 app so far. We'll be improving 1Password 4 through a lot of free updates just like we've done to 1Password 3 in its 3 years of development.


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