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Free upgrade, wow!

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So I've been using 1P4 betas for months, and I've prepared (and am happy) to pay for the major upgrade. I kinda felt strange that you didn't mention pricing stuff before launching. Today I opened Mac App Store as usual, and it prompted me for an update, which turned out to be 1P4!

So, thank you so much! You're awesome people :)


  • sjksjk
    1Password Alumni

    Hi, @KevinSayHi.

    Nice to know you enjoyed being surprised with the free 1P4 MAS upgrade. :)

    Thanks for your words of appreciation! Our team loves hearing them. :x

  • Raca339Raca339
    Community Member

    Thank you for this free upgrade!

    That surprised me nicely. :-bd

  • sjksjk
    1Password Alumni

    You're welcome, @Raca339. With seemingly fewer surprises nowadays it's always nice when they're pleasant ones. :)

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