Dropbox Sync not working on existing vault

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After upgrading to 1Password4 the dropbox sync doesn't work anymore. iCloud works perfectly but the dropbox option is not available. What I discovered is that it is available on a new fault created in 1Password4. However it won't work for my old " main" 1Password vault. I don't have an issue with this vault on my IOS devices.


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    Okay this is funny. I have the same problem with another vault but than the other way around. I do have a second vault for my work which is only in my dropbox folder and never synced with iCloud. I normally use this vault in my 1Password for windows. I opened this vault on my Mac with 1Password4 from my dropbox account. For this file I can manage the dropbox sync, but now is the iCloud sync not available. So it looks like there is a dependency with the (default) vault location when opening it for the first time in 1Password4.

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    Hi @jbakker,

    The iCloud sync can only work with the primary vault and cannot be used to sync secondary vaults. This is just a current limitation, we hope to expand this in the future.

    So, if you set the primary vault to use iCloud, you can only sync with Dropbox on the secondary vaults.

    Also, in 1Password 4 for OS X, you also can only use one sync method per vault and it only syncs once you unlock the vault, not at any given moment.

    Does that help clear it up? Because based on what you said, it sounds normal given the limitations at the moment.

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    Okay thanks, I expected that I could use both cloud services like the IOS version.

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    You're welcome, @jbakker, on Mike's behalf.

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