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Duplicate items and orphaned "Passwords"...?

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I just upgraded to the latest (v4) 1Password for Mac and upon relaunching it, it defaulted to "All Items" in the left nav/tray area and there are numerous "Passwords" (with the combination-lock tumbler icon) that are not related to a "Login" and they were not visible or didn't exist before. Where did they come from, how do I manage them...? Slightly confused. Thanks.


  • MikeTMikeT

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    Hi @hsfinleyson67,

    Most likely, those are generated passwords that was created when you used 1Password's Password Generator. It used to be stored in Generated Passwords in 1Password 3 and now we've promoted it to its own Passwords Category on the sidebar. Folks wanted to have a simple category to store simple password, codes, PINs, without having other type of infos and storing them in Logins.

    If a lot of them are redundant to what you have in Logins, you can ask 1Password to remove them by right-clicking on the Passwords category and select Remove Redundant.

    Hope that helps!

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