installed from itunes and cant get 1passwd4 to find my dropbox keychain

stumantexasstumantexas Junior Member

I have 1passwd3 working on a couple of systems and iphones and stuff - all good. Trying 1passwd4 from itunes to try and make things easy on the software side - maybe a mistake. I was asked to uninstall extensions for my browsers and did that - now when starting 4 I am asked if i'm new or dont this before - i choose before and try to choose dropbox - but its looking for a file and dropbox has my keychain as a folder.

Not sure how to get passed this - seems fairly basic - go find my data but hitting open does not do anything.

Any suggestions?


  • SmudgeSmudge Junior Member

    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

    Seriously. Try it. Rebooting might fix it as it will clear out some caches at boot.

    The background info here is that an application can register certain name extensions to be treated differently. In this case, the .keychain extension on a folder will cause the folder be treated as a single "Agile Keychain" file. If the 1P3 registration was removed when the application was updated to 1P4 but it wasn't re-registered properly, this is why you see your keychain as a folder instead of a file.

    If a simple reboot doesn't fix it, delete the 1P4 application, empty the trash, then reinstall 1P4 from the App Store application. Reinstalling should re-register the .keychain association.

    Hope this helps.

  • stumantexasstumantexas Junior Member

    I think the problem is that I dont have a keychain file - i have a directory called 1Password.agilekeychain_folder - there are no files inside this
    that have keychain in them. In 1pw3 my data file is in Users-stuman-Dropbox-1pass-1Password.agilekeychain_folder and all systems work great
    with it - so I'm not sure where or how to get a 'file' to be able to open.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

    Team Member

    Hi @stumantexas,

    First, close 1Password. Now, go to your Dropbox > 1pass folder and rename the "1Password.agilekeychain_folder" to 1Password.agilekeychain. Now go back up to the Dropbox folder and rename 1pass to 1Password, so it looks like this: Dropbox > 1Password > 1Password.agilekeychain.

    After that, open 1Password 4 and see if it can find that file.

  • stumantexasstumantexas Junior Member

    Thanks - that seemed to work. Still dont understand by 3 would read the file ok and 4 would not until a name change. But sometimes you waive the white flag and go with that works. Thanks again

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @stumantexas,

    Partially because 1Password 4 doesn't recognize the agilekeychain_folder extension, it's not a valid one. 1Password 3 may have been able to read it because the file got renamed after 1Password 3 picked it up.

    We'll see if we can automate this somehow to inform folks to rename it to make it a valid one.

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