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I'm having a problem when editing my Smart Folders and I didn't see these on the Known Issues list.

  1. If the SF was previously (1P3) created with multiple "any" requirements, they don't appear when editing. It only shows a single entry of "All of the following are true" with no following entries. For example, I had a SF for my Apple accounts. The SF was set to "Any are true" with 2 subentries.

    URL contains
    URL contains

    The SF would still work and properly display the login entries but I wasn't able to edit the values.

    To get it work properly, I had to delete the SF and recreate it from memory. Unfortunately, I have many other SFs with more complicated parameters. I might have to reinstall 1P3 just to go see what the SF parameters are so I can rebuild them.

  2. Re-editing a newly created SF where it was set to "Any are true" change to "All are true". This one is easy to reproduce. Simply create a new SF, set the first entry to "Any are true". Create 2 subentries. Save the SF. Edit the SF and you will see it has reverted to "All are true".

  3. When editing a SF where the parameters are listed properly, the list below is not correct. It is showing the full unfiltered list. I have to edit one of the fields and then the list would be resorted/filtered.


  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @Smudge,

    I can confirm all of these and will file additional bug reports. #3 is a known issue, just slightly different. It's the same issue as this one:

    When selecting a preset in the search field, the search results might not be updated until you manually press enter in one of the search parameter fields.

    I'm guessing the bug in #2 is the reason the #1 is being problematic. We'll check to make sure that if #2 is fixed, it'll also fix #1.

    Thanks for reporting this!

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