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How to use agilekeychain_zip backups from 1Password 3 in 1Password 4?

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I just updated to 1Password 4 from 1Password 3, and I want to go back and check one of my old agilekeychain_zip backups to see if anything is missing. How can I do that?

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  • sjksjk
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    Hi, @brogan.

    Here are basic steps for opening a 1P3 keychain backup file in a new 1P4 vault:

    • Rename the backup filename to change the '_' character to '.' so it has a ".zip" extension. For example:

    1Password 2011-08-08 205523 (56 items).agilekeychain_zip would become 1Password 2011-08-08 205523 (56 items).agilekeychain.zip

    • Unzip that file to create a usable Agile Keychain of the backup (with a ".agilekeychain" extension). For example:

    1Password 2011-08-08 205523 (56 items).agilekeychain

    • Start 1P4 if it's not already running.

    • Open (e.g. double-click) the usable Agile Keychain and you'll see a sheet in the 1P4 app like this:

    • Optionally change the icon/color/name for the new vault.

    • In the Enter Vault Password field, type the Master Password that was current when the backup was created.

    • The new vault with your backup items should now be displayed. =D>

    • Optionally disable syncing of this vault with the Agile Keychain backup under Preferences > Sync.

    • When the vault is active it can be deleted using Delete Vault… under the main 1Password menu.

    It's easier to do all that than describe it. :)

    Please let us know if you need any additional help with this. Thanks!

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