1Password 4 Encryption.

Was the encryption of passwords stored within 1Password 4 improved/changed over v3 (it was at one point AES128?)? Does 1Password 4 then apply the improved encryption/changes to the old passwords already stored in Dropbox etc or does this only apply to newly created passwords? Presumably 1Password for Windows supports these changes?

What happens to passwords created/stored from 1Password for Windows as the website currently shows this using AES128 and not PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA512 which appears to be used in the Mac version?


  • According to the MAS description they are using 256 bit encryption.

  • But does that only apply to new items or are stored passwords created in older versions left using AES128?

  • The format used for Dropbox syncing is still the old one, with the file extension .agilekeychain. Currently the new more secure format is only used for iCloud syncing. You should read this thread:



    The Dropbox sync will retain the older format for backward compatibility until we release 1Password 4 for Windows and Android first, both are in development as we speak. Once it is released, we'll release an update to let you switch over to the newer format.

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    Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns about this that aren't covered in the topic @Xe997 kindly referred to -- thanks!

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