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How to Remove 1P3 after Upgrade to 1P4

dixie44dixie44 Junior Member
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I just upgraded from 1P3 (v. 3.8.21, initially purchased through the AgileBits website) I also beta tested 1P4. Now in my Application folder I have 1P3 (3.8.21), 1P4 beta, and the newly downloaded 1P4 (v. 4.0.1). How do I remove 1P3 amd 1P4 (beta) without affecting 1P4 (4.01)? Do I use the uninstaller? If I do does everything get uninstalled? Or do I just drag the icons for 1P3 and 1P4 beta to the trash ?


  • sjksjk oversoul
    1Password Alumni

    Hi, dixie44.

    See @MikeT's reply to you: here

    PS: It's usually preferable for everyone's sake (e.g. timesaver) not to post in multiple places. :)

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