4.3.2rc1 scroll bar flicker

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Just installed 4.3.2rc1 on my iPad 3 (iOS 7.0.3 [11B511]). When I first launched, 1Password asked how I wanted to sync, I said Dropbox. And I think at that point I was taken to the main listing screen under "Categories" - and something that I'm pretty sure is a scroll bar was flickering in a way that looked worrying. I think it was the scroll bar for the items listing. My guess is that this was caused by it accessing my 1Password data for the first time.

I haven't seen this again so I guess it's okay now.



  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @williamporter,

    There was a bug that looked suspiciously like the one you describe, but we thought we had it squashed. We'll keep our eyes peeled here, and please do let us know if you notice it again.

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