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Separate app for ios devices?

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I have just purchased 1Password for my Mac - just wondering if I need to buy an ios version of the app as well to run it on iphone / ipad?

thanks in advance.


  • Stephen_CStephen_C
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    I believe I'm correct in saying that you'll need the iOS version of 1P4 if you want to sync between your Mac (on the one hand) and the phone and iPad (on the other). If you buy 1P4 for iOS you can run it on both the phone and the iPad so long as they use the same Apple ID.


  • hawkmothhawkmoth
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    If you sync to Dropbox, you could use 1Password Anywhere to access your data on your iOS devices via the web. That would only allow you access to read your data, I think. No editing. I don't recommend this, but it could work in a limited way if you are determined to avoid the iOS app.

  • emmajeanemmajean
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    Ok thanks very much :) good to know

  • IlovemydogIlovemydog
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    I have the same question. I have 1P Pro on my Mac, and I just got an iPad. Can I use 1P Anywhere on the iPad? If so, where would I get it? It's not in the store.

  • thightowerthightower
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    Yes, you can use 1PasswordAnywhere on the iPad. The beauty in it is it works just about anywhere using most modern browsers. To use it you actually login to the Dropbox website, from the iPad. 1PasswordAnywhere cannot be accessed using the Dropbox iOS app. This 1PasswordAnywhere help document should get you started. Please let us know if you have any questions and the staff or we forum regulars will try to get you sorted out.

    1Password Anywhere is not a for sale app. It is a process built into the 1Password.agilekeychain

    If you are looking for the actual 1Password iOS app it can be found in the iTunes store. I personally prefer the app as it allows read/write access.

  • 911dmw911dmw
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    I recently upgraded my iMac to 1P4.05 and have noticed that my iOS devices are no longer syncing. Am I now compelled to spend more $ to upgrade to the new iOS if I want to still sync? Thanks.

  • thightowerthightower
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    Due to Wifi sync having been re written, a new data format for 1Password 4, Dropbox API changes (depreciating the older one used by 1Password 3). Unfortunately it is a paid upgrade.

    I made a few notes on my costs over the years. Just one user to another and I would like to share them with the community as well as yourself.


    I help out here, but I also buy the apps both Mac and iOS for myself as well as my family members. Last year alone I spent $200 for 4 copies of the Mac app and circa $60 for the iOS app. I am not unlike may of you and I love a good sale price the key to that is follow your favorite apps on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and or sign up for company newsletters. You will gain insight into coming changes as well as sales.

    I value the time and effort the team has spent to keep me safe. I use the product each and every day. I honestly cant recall 1 day that I don't use it. Even when I am sick and in the bed. I use it to grab passwords for reading and or iTunes to buy some feel good movies, music and tunes. I help out here as a labor of love.

    • Putting it in perspective for a moment, just for myself.
    1. $50.00 for the Mac app ( Mac App Store )
    2. $15.00 for the iOS app (rough average price during sales and not during sales)
    3. / 365 days a year
    • 1Password cost's me this much each day. To keep up with my licensing etc
    1. 0.178 cents a day
    2. 0.089 cents each per day when you figure the wife and I share and iTunes account for Mac App Store and iOS versions.

    I opened 1Password, and pulled up some interesting facts.

    Since 2006,

    • I have spent
    1. $ 450.00 on the Mac app from AgileBits web site.
    2. $ 200.00 on the Mac app from the Mac App Store from all account's I purchased under. (mine, kids, relatives etc)
    3. $ 120.00 / $150.00 on the iOS app's v3, v3 pro, v3 iPad. Again all accounts (mine, kids, relatives etc)
      ** I honestly didn't add all this up. I just did some quick figures rounding etc.
    4. During various promotions I have been able to GIFT circa 8 copies to friends and family.
    5. I, we have had over 14 license keys for 1P2, 1P3. Again all accounts (mine, kids, relatives etc) This also includes really unnecessary keys under things like Mac update promos etc. but was part of that bundle at the time.
    • During that 5 years I have contributed $ 800.00 to feeding my favorite developers. I cannot say exactly as to how many of them there are. But Ill assume 15.
    1. $800.00
    2. 5 years
    3. / 365 days
    • Thats 0.43 cents per day for food, family, testing, licensing, and so much more.

    Setting aside the iOS version for a moment, 1Password 3 was around for circa 5 years (Starting on 11-19-2009) before a paid update to 1P4.

    So a little more math here.

    1. $50.00 for 1Password 3
    2. 5 years
    3. 365 days per year
    4. 2 users
    • 1Password 3 cost over 5 years.
    1. 0.013 per day for myself and the wife, during that time.

    Further notes.

    I give my kids allowances on iTunes and each update v3/v4 etc. I require them to purchase it for both the Macs they have as well as their IOS devices. They may not need all its functionality yet due to there respective ages but at some point they will. I do this for 2 reasons. To ensure they know that good software is worth the price. Everything good has a price and if you find value in it, then it is worth paying for. That goes as to why I purchase Mac's for our family use.

    Just my 2¢ on why I do pay for apps I use a lot.

  • AmoebaDaveAmoebaDave
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    I think this discussion is similar to my question and confusion of pricing . Is there a bundle for Mac/iOS products? Does one have to buy one of each to get full functionality across devices. How tightly are the products linked. Also I saw some discussion that 1password uses essentially a subscription model (paid updates to program updates). How often do these updates come and is there support for older versions? Thanks AD

  • Stephen_CStephen_C
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    If 1P3 is anything to go by there is materially significant development of the app (by free updates) over a period of years before the major version number changes and you have to pay for an upgrade.

    Note I can't speak for AgileBits and my view is based purely on my experience. I don't know what will happen with v4 but all the current indications are that there will be significant development of it (with free updates) before we get anywhere remotely near version 5.


  • thightowerthightower
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    Is there a bundle for Mac/iOS products?

    No. Currently Apple doesn't allow bundling across the Mac App Store (Mac Apps) and the iTunes Store (iOS devices).

    Also I saw some discussion that 1password uses essentially a subscription model

    No they don't do the subscription model per say. Major changes require a new purchase. To put it in perspective 1Password 3 had 66 updates since 11/19/2009 and none of those updates required a new purchase.

    If you want to look at how they have updated and so forth please head over to the release notes page for 1Password 3 since its the latest historical info available.

    I also agree with @Stephen_C having been around here for circa 5+ years now. I also expect many good things to come from the guys before the need for an upgrade etc. Also I am a moderator, but I do this for fun and on my own time for free. So my opinions are just of an ordinary user like your self.

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