Visual bugs on 4.5b15 for iPad

The new iOS 7 theme is very appreciated, although on iPad it just breaks a lot of visuals. To name a few:

  • Shadows of icons when selecting "fav", "categories" and "folders" icons on the left
  • Dark theme on "search" bar when doing a search, cropped on the right (in french version, "annuler" (cancel) is cropped and shows only "annule" and lack part of the ending "e")
  • when moving to another folder, you can't cancel on the new window that appear
  • idem, all actions in detailed view (share, move, favorite) open a new window, with no cancel button or anyway to go away from it
  • choosing a sharing option (print, email ...) crash the app
  • web view is all messed up, also with status bar on top of the tabs

I understand it's a beta, and you must be aware of all of this, but thought I might come and report back. I assume it's why I enlisted in beta program in the first place :)


  • AndyPAndyP 1Password Alumni

    Thanks @bitsandnumbers!

    Over the next few betas, the iPad UI will be getting more love. Watch the release notes for details iPad updates. This is a good check list for us as we iterate through the iPad UI updates! Thanks for the feedback!

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    Your welcome AndyP :) Hope to find more surprises in future updates (iOS 7 UI redesign was a nice surprise, even with the quirks ;) )

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