Simplifying The Digital After-Life

For what it's worth:

Some of us are on the 'downside' of our lives. Thus the subject of the eventual settling of one's estate by an executor is of increasing importance. Yes, I understand that AgileBits intends to reinstate the option of printing out a 1Password vault, a document that would be usable by an executor. In that case, the executor would not need to use the decedent's Mac, or have or know how to use 1Password; they could get the necessary logins from a printed (or PDF) copy of 1Password. Of course, a flash drive and 1Password Anywhere would be another option, once that returns.

Wouldn't a 1Password "Digital Estate Kit" be a real boon to those who - perhaps grieving - must clean up after others? Should AgileBits have gone out of business at the time -- a risk worth considering -- then the kit would remain.

What do you think?


  • My apologies. I neglected to recall that you do have the 1Password Emergency Kit:

    While this form can be filled out by hand or by inserting text in the PDF, it would be great to have an easily updatable file like this a part of synced 1Password data, and which could be e-mailed as a PDF to whoever might be administering an estate or need to have access to this data.

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @WFA,

    You bring up a good point here, even for those of us who hope we are not on the 'downside' of our lives (we never really know, do we?)

    I've passed along your suggestion to our developers - now, I'm certainly not in charge of anything, but I do think there is room to do some cool stuff here. :)

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