Entry fields wonky since iOS7 release

nbunbu Junior Member

I've waited for several release to see if this gets fixed, but as of 17 remains borked.

I cannot enter user or password on new logins that i manually create. No field boundaries show, nor any indication of where one should tap. I tap all over the areas around these labels and there's no indication i'm in a field to type. Even the Login top field has no indicator and sometimes tapping next to that label yields nothing. Additionally the web url field never lines up with the vertical line. It's very messy and confusion. The entire entry area does not work well and needs some serious redesign to indicate where field data goes.

Hope this makes sense.


  • nbunbu Junior Member

    This is crippling me guys! I am unable to edit ANY field beyond user /pass, and those take several taps before 1P responds. Had to update several entries' urls and was unable to get any response to where the filed was for text entry. FIELDS ARE INVISIBLE TO ME!

    Can I run the release version with the beta? Need to find a way to resolve this, or 1P will not be much more than the equivalent of a digital boat anchor.

  • MrRooniMrRooni

    Team Member

    Hi Gary,

    Sorry for the trouble you're experiencing with the beta. This is a known issue (and one I am actually working on today). In the mean time you can continue to run the release version alongside the beta without any trouble.

    Thanks for testing and we'll do our best to get this issue taken care of soon.

    Michael Fey
    [email protected]

  • nbunbu Junior Member

    I'm trying to run the release version, but it will not sync (wifi) with my imac to get started. (iMac version is latest beta, but I wouldn't think that would matter). Have a support email in on that, but good to know it should be working.

    Thnaks for the update.

  • doetraardoetraar Junior Member

    Phew. I was just about to post on this topic - been driving me nuts as well. It's as if the text entry is about 8 or 9 characters shifted to the left; things "sorta" work and things can appear, but you really can't control it. Sounds like AgileBits is on it, good to hear.

    As for running release along side beta .. I've found an interesting issue which I'm not sure where to post about. The Beta for iOS regularly does NOT reflect the version 4 from the Mac unless I have Dropbox enabled and sync via the non-beta of iOS and then start the beta of iOS. To the untrained eye, it is as if the beta version and release version use different data on the iCloud sync, but the same data on the Dropbox sync.

  • MrRooniMrRooni

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    @doetraar At this time the beta version of 1Password for iOS does use a different iCloud container than the release version, so that would explain the discrepancies you're seeing. What you can do to fix this is to select the iOS Public Beta Container in 1Password for Mac's Preferences. See the attached image:

    If you intend to switch between the release and beta versions on your devices you will also have to manually switch 1Password for Mac as well to get the changes to propagate to all the versions.

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