Jason MurrayJason Murray
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The other bit I noticed from today's newsletter was "We presume you'll be working with your actual 1Password data, so be sure to keep it backed up on a regular basis."

Actually, nope. I don't use 1Password, mainly because it's taken this long to get a proper Android client going. I do use LastPass though - is there a tool that can migrate from LastPass into 1Password?


  • saadsaad

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    Hi Jason,

    You will need to use the import tool built into our desktop version (Mac or Windows) of 1Password. After opening 1Password, select File -> Import from the menu to import from LastPass (or a different file format) to your agilekeychain file!

    If you don't have a license for 1Password on your computer. You are more than welcome to use the evaluation version of 1Password to accomplish what you need!

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