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Hi - I have a device on my home network that has a login screen for a fixed ip address - in this case: - 1P won't let me use the hotkey for filling in that password? Do you not support url's with ip addresses only? It seems an odd limitation - particularly as when I find the entry in the 1P app and click on the web url, it does load it in my browser and then enter the password - it just doesn't like it using the hotkey.


  • MrCMrC Community Moderator

    It works for my devices.

    Try going to the devices login page, entering the information without hitting Enter or the submit button. Then, save the login information (or if you hit Enter and 1Password prompts to save, accept the saved entry).

  • MrC - thanks for commenting - saving a new item did correct it. I think the previous one i entered manually - not sure what the difference was, there was a trailing / on the newly saved one, but adding that to my old one didn't fix it. I did also notice that I had forgotten about the form fields (they weren't username & password on this page) - which would have meant that pressing logon wouldn't have worked - but its mysterious why it just didn't show up in the list of logins for that page?

    Anyway - fixed now. Appreciate the help.

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    Hi, @365nice.

    I'm not sure why 1P4 wasn't filling on the browser page for your network device if both the page URL and website field for the Login item are both something like Do you still have the non-working Login item?

    I'm glad @MrC's suggestion to save a new Login item fixed the problem. For future reference, instructions are also here:

    Saving a new Login manually

  • Hi - well that item is still in my trash folder if you want to study it... the only thing I can see is that the web form details are different (so I would have expected that item to appear - but when I try to use it, it wouldn't have logged in - instead it just never appeared when on that page).

  • sjksjk oversoul 1Password Alumni

    Thanks, @365nice.

    If both items have the same website field values and only differing web form field values it's a bit puzzling why the older one wasn't appearing/matching. If the original (non-working) item was created with 1P3 my hunch is that's why it's malfunctioning with 1P4; we've seen some cases of that happening. No need to dig any further into this unless you'd still like to. :)

  • I would say focus on other things - there's still lots to do (as an aside - the other item was created in 1p4, just manually on the iPhone when it occurred to me that it would be useful).

  • sjksjk oversoul 1Password Alumni

    Thanks for that last bit of info, @365nice. If something similar happens again we can take a closer look then.

    There's never any shortage of things to focus on. :)

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