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Struggling with Multiple Page Log-ins

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Spent the better part of yesterday setting up my account but still struggle with multiple page log-ins after much reading and trial and error. Should there be urls in my log-in for subsequent log-ins? If I enter a username and submit, for example, I am taken to that second page automatically so logically it doesn't seem that there should be a url in the 2nd and 3rd website fields. In a 2 screen log-in situations should the password be blank for the first log-in and the username be blank for the 2nd?


  • dancodanco
    Volunteer Moderator

    This is one of the 1PW difficult situations, particularly as sites use different methods.

    You could save two items, one just for the username and one for the password, but a single item with both username and password, once you have set it up, will also work. You have to call that item twice, first for the username, then for password.

    And if a site has a bunch of questions that it chooses from, you then have to have different item, each with an answer to one of the questions. Though I think there are with 1PW4 ways of doing this with only one item.

  • khadkhad
    1Password Alumni

    Sorry for the delayed reply, @Jeffery. My "standard practice" for sites with a two-page login process is to visit the site's login page (the first one that asks for the username) and then follow these steps:


    Then I edit the Login item that I just saved and manually input the password in the password field.

    If you're still having trouble, please let me know the URL. I'd love to get things working well for you.

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