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In the mobile app it would be great if there was a section that highlighted the most recent updates (similar to how the App Store lists them). When you go to the App Store you can see the releases and what they improved on. Having this right in the app would make it more convenient. I often have to go to the App Store to see what new features I should try to utilize multiple times meaning I have to leave the app, open the App Store, etc, etc. Even if this is just added to the Beta app so we could more easily focus on changes that were made when testing them.


  • MrRooniMrRooni

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    Hello 1opinion,

    Thanks for writing in with a great suggestion! I will create a issue for it in our internal bug tracker and you may just see it appear in a future version.

    Thanks for being a 1Password customer!

    Michael Fey
    [email protected]

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