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Hi, I received my invitation and I installed now. After 5 mins, my first impressions are very good. I'm using 1password on iOS from a very long time and I like it a lot. The first sync with dropbox take a bit of time for my 600 items.
I activated quick unlock, I think it's very fast.
But I have two sugestions:

  • to be able to use the 4 first or the 4 last characters of the master password, a la Keepass2android, to not have another passcode to remember.

  • I'm very new to android, but to switch between apps I like a lot the notification bar to switch between apps, also to view open apps I'm currently using.

another think I wish to have, but I don't know if you can do anything is to have 1password with galaxy s4 multiwindow.

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  • Hi @dhernan3!

    I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying 1Password 4 Beta! I agree, the initial sync takes a little long depending on the number of items you have. We are looking into options to speed up this process!

    We’re always looking to make 1Password the best. Thank you for your suggestions! I have noted them down and we will definitely look into it. Here are my current thoughts on them:

            1) Use the last 4 characters of the master password - this sounds like a great idea as an extra option. One advantage of using a PIN based authentication system for quick unlock is the numeric keyboard. It’s very quick and convenient.

            2) Icon in the notification bar to quickly open 1Password. The App Switcher on your device is in charge of managing opened applications and switching between apps. Is there a specific reason you prefer using the Notification Bar instead of the App Switcher? It will help us understand this request further.

            3) Support for Samsung Multi-Window feature. It would be nice to have!

    Thanks again for your feedback. If you have any other cool suggestions, please continue to let us know!

  • davidyannick
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    I didn't receive anything, I've subscribed to the beta test from the first day :( and no invitation

  • dhernan3
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    I like more the notification method because that apps are truly open but appswitcher shows recently apps opened, not only the open apps. And I like more the slide option than long press of a button.
    Another advantage of notification bar is that I think you can implement a method to put and get passwords in other apps directly

  • Hi @davidyannick,

    We are releasing 1Password Beta for Android in stages and as fast as we can. You will receive your copy very soon.. Just a little bit longer! Thanks for your patience. :)

    Hi @dhernan3

    Thanks for the information, I’ll pass it on to our developers. I didn’t know it only showed the most recently opened applications. However, I did know that Android starts to close applications on its own when an application hasn’t been used in a long time or when it’s low on system memory.

  • dbourke
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    I thought that applications in the notification bar were really active apps as a pose to passive apps, either of which can be open. For instance

    An active app would be the Alarm. It is going to wake you without your intervention, or Skype as it may ring without you doing anything.
    A passive app would be Feedly as it sits and waits for you to get back to it or 1password as it doesn't do anything (except hopefully sync) until you go back to it..

    I've never noticed an app in app switcher to be closed, in fact I usually use swipe in app switcher to close an app as many don't actually have a close option within the app itself.

    I have been waiting for a proper 1password Android app for the last 14 months. It was on the top of my list of must have's, just wish I'd realised that it was only read-only before I jumped. It may well have kept me on iOS. Hurry up with rolling out the rest of the Beta :0)

  • Hi @dbourke. That's a lot of good information. Thank you for explaining the difference between passive and active applications on Android.

    I was discussing something similar in this thread! We are looking into having a 1Password service running in your notification center to quickly switch to the application, as well as sync in the background.

    I will pass on this information to our developers. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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