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Hello everyone!

First of all I want to say that the new app is a BIG improvement to the old one! I really like it! I really started to get annoyed with the old one. Now I am happy again :). But of course as a Android Developer I notice several things in the app that still could be better. But let me share with you my positive and "room for improvement" points that I noticed within the first minutes of using the app:


  • Design really looks nice! Finally looking like a Android App
  • Nice use of NavigationDrawer
  • Getting to the data is so much faster now!! Previous app I had to wait like 30 seconds after entering the password. And I never knew why.
  • Now I can finally sync again :) Before I could not sync and new passwords would not get synced over.

Room for improvement:

  • Main List scrolling seems laggy. This should normally not happen in android apps, except you are doing something wrong (something on the UI thread that should not be done). One thing that could be the reason is decrypting the data. If that is the case, there is still a way to do it right (do that part in a background thread). But one reason could be my next point
  • Way too much overdraw! This could be slowing down the list. One part of that problem seems to be the navigation drawer (see next point)

  • NavigationDrawer on left used with a non standard library (I would prefer using the library that Google offers: )

  • Usage of NavigationDrawer flawed. All the navigation is done on the top activity it seems. and back goes a fragment back. Sometimes back opens/closes the navigation drawer. This should be optimised. Otherwise this is way too confusing for the user (it is even for me as a developer who knows what you are doing). This as well happens in the ActionBar.
  • I can not leave the app with back,back,back,back. In current version this ends in a open,close,open,close of the navigation drawer (see video). This has to do with the previous point i think. Normally you should have a "navigation structure" a way the users knows if he is at the "top" of the app. On the top of the app he should be able to leave the app with the back key.
  • When navigating through Categories, the plus button in the action bar ads a item. If navigating through folders, it adds a folder. Icon stays the same. Hard for the user to understand when it does what. And this makes it impossible to users who prefer navigating through folders to add a item. I think adding an item is a use case more often occurring then adding a folder.
  • Settings in my opinion should be in the overflow menu in the ActionBar (most apps have it there)
  • Settings: The bottom white area lights up blue when touching (indicating it is a button), but still it does nothing. This area should not react to touch.
  • Master password screen: Back should let me leave the app. Instead I have to click back twice (three times if counting closing the keyboard). I do not know any "good" app that does it. There are some that do it, and it always annoys me...

Sorry, this became more than I wanted. But again, let me say. I really do like the app already! It is worlds apart to the previous app! My points above are meant to help the app becoming really good :).

Good luck on your way! And looking forward to future updates!



  • KellyG
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    Hi @pboos,

    Thank you very much for the feedback! I'm not a developer, but your message looks specific and helpful and I have passed it on to our developers. There's a chance they will follow up with you, so do keep an eye out for additional messages here. Thanks again! This is exactly the kind of thing I asked for in the newsletter, so I'm glad I got it. :)

  • saad
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    Hi Patrick,

    Wow! Thank you for the awesome and technical feedback. I, along with Kelly, will most certainly pass this information on to our developers and see what they think about each point you made.

    Thank you so much for helping 1Password become better! We really appreciate it. You're amazing!

  • pboos
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    Glad to hear it helped. If the devs want to contact me, that is fine with me. I can give some pointers and advice if needed. I might find more things, but this was what I noticed while scanning through the app for the first time. Now when I use it on a regular basis I might find more.

  • KellyG
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    Hi @pboos,

    That's the idea. Bring it on! :)

  • macdonst
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    As another Android developer I have to give a +1 to all of @pboos feedback.

  • skyler
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    A +1 from me for @pboos his feedback as well!

    • The way the backbutton works is indeed very confusing
    • It would also make more sense to place all the "Categories" and "Folders" in the NavigationDrawer and Settings in the overflow menu
    • Personally I prefer the NavigationDrawer as supplied by Google which slides over the content (leaving the top bar), not the one that slides the entire view to the right

    Other than that, it's looking very nice!

  • KellyG
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    Thanks @skyler! I added your feedback as well, and I'm glad you like it so far. Thanks to feedback, what we actually release is going to be great! :)

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