Works on Blackberry Z10

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Tested it yesterday and it works fine. Installed the APK directly on the device, synced with my Dropbox with all data present.
Way better than the reader or the html file of past renditions.


  • Hi @KevinGrenier1,

    That's really awesome to hear. Thank you for sharing!

  • KevinGrenier1
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    Although the latest update
    1Password 4 4.0.0b12 (Build 20140323) (14) no longer works for me. I cannot paste my Dropbox password to access the 1Password data file. I haven't tried manually entering the password. On my wife's Z30 after allowing 1Password to access Dropbox asks to open Link I don't recognize then the app freezes. So currently using Lastpass.

  • Thanks for the update. A lot of our Android users are also reporting the same problem with pasting in their Dropbox password. We are currently investigating this issue, but manually entering the password will work.

    What link is 1Password trying to access on the Z30? Is it accessing Dropbox's API?

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