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Currently it looks like when clicking the world button, you are auto logged in. Amazing. However, it would be better if this worked with whatever browser is currently set to the default. For example, I use dolphin browser. When clicking the world button, a tab should be opened in dolphin with the login creds filled out. Or at least a popup asking which browser to use.

Is this a limitation of android? What the advantage of 1Password providing a browser with the app? Isn't it more work to maintain?

All of that said... amazing beta! This is great!


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    Hi @CootjeNL,


    Thanks for the kudos! I have good news: this will most definitely be a fully-functioning app- the days of read-only passwords on Android are limited.


    Browser integration on mobile platforms is unfortunately not as simple as it is in the desktop versions, but we are certainly looking at solutions to make your mobile browsing experience as efficient and automatic as possible! You'll just have to wait for the beta to find out how

    Just happened to see your answer in the kudos thread.

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    Hi @lukeh,

    Thanks for the kind words! We're really excited too so we're glad you like it! As pointed out, mobile integration is a bit trickier, and remember on top of any functionality or feature we add, we have to add it in a way that is still the high quality 1Password experience you're used to. Right now we're looking at everything, but I can't tell you anything for sure about features or functions besides "there will be an edit button". :) If we can find a way to do it that is 1Password Awesome, then we will, but until that day I hope it's not a major inconvenience.

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