Something other than copy & paste



  • Interesting! Thanks for sharing that Charles. I'll mention it to our development team as they look into this feature.

  • eSportler
    Community Member

    maybe it's possible to create such a solution as keepass for android.
    there you can use the share with function of native android to share the page to keepass and then it will fill in username and password.
    Such an option would be nice :)

  • Thanks for your feedback @eSportler‌! I'll add your vote for this functionality.

  • hAmpzter
    Community Member

    I would like to +1 on this feature! ^_^
    Custom keyboard would be superb! :D

  • Gregs
    Community Member

    I think there was something announced in the last week or so - am I correct? something is ready on Android Lollipop?

  • @Gregs‌ You are correct! We have released a beta version of 1Password 4 that implements in-app filling for devices running on Lollipop. The initial beta was released on November 12, and since then, we have released two additional beta updates that included improvements and bug fixes to the filling mechanism. The current beta version is 4.2b3. While there are still a number of issues left to resolve, we are working hard towards getting in-app filling ready for release on Google Play!

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