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Anyone looking into supporting Firefox mobile on Android? It supports extensions, and I know Lastpass has one, so it should be possible. It would take 1P on Android from "it works" to "zomgwtfbbq" :)


  • Hi @deviantintegral,

    You have brought up a very good point! :) We are actually looking at integrating 1Password with popular browsers on the Android platform. While I'm unable to tell you if this feature will be available, I can assure you that we completely understand the importance and easiness it would be to our users. We are still investigating this area! :)

    Thanks for your suggestion.

  • Zev Eisenberg
    Zev Eisenberg
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    +1 for Chrome on Android. I'm guessing there are one or two other who might want this as well ;)

  • ashleyk
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    Another vote here to see extensions on Android browsers. It would make a lot of sense.

  • KellyG
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    Hi @Zev and @ashleyk, I've added your votes. Thanks! :)

  • cfabric
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    +1 - guess Firefox mobile is the most feasible since it has an extension framework that should make it easy to port stuff over from the desktop version. Don't think Chrome mobile allows anything similar yet.

  • alamarco
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    Add me for another who would love a Firefox extension. :)

  • Thanks for the up votes! I think @cfabric is right, Firefox is much more flexible for third-party extensions. We are still looking into it. :)

  • smazzletoff
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    Are you still working on this? The only reason I'll pay to upgrade to 1Password 4 is if you can make it work seamlessly with an Android Firefox extension. Otherwise, it's just not a compelling upgrade to me to have to still copy and paste credentials into Firefox every time.

  • We think filling in third-party browsers, including Firefox, and other applications will improve the overall 1Password 4 experience on mobile platforms. While we are not ready to announce anything yet, I can say that our team has been looking at new ways to accomplish this.

  • robcoh
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    ++1 for Chrome Android integration. Ma and Pa Kettle/Sixpack, brothers-in-law etc. will never use it without an UX at least equivalent to Windows Chrome version. I am trying to leave LP behind for something more secure and easier to use. Special keyboard on LP is buggy, maybe not the best way to do this, besides it's confusing. Copy/paste a very clunky way to go as well... Good start but I may have to keep LP mobile and import the 1P data once in awhile. Any plans for Metro/Modern?

  • J.M
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    Is it even possible to integrate 1Password into Chrome Android?

    From the Google FAQ : "Does Chrome for Android support apps and extensions? Chrome apps and extensions are currently not supported on Chrome for Android. We have no plans to announce at this time."

    Link : https://developer.chrome.com/multidevice/faq

    Firefox and Dolphin have extension support though.

  • Thank you for your feedback. While Chrome for Android does not officially support extensions, we are looking into alternative solutions that will make 1Password experience better in other applications. I'll add your vote for this feature request!

    I don't have any immediate news to share about a version specifically designed for Windows Modern UI, but when we do, we will post it on our blog!

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