Touch targets hard to hit

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As a right hander holding my phone in my right hand I find it exceedingly hard to hit the touch targets, the small triangles, to copy or reveal hidden text. It's a little bit easier to hit left handed but they could be a bit bigger.

For reference I'm using a Nexus 5.


  • Hi @macdonst!

    Thank you for your feedback. This is an issue that’s actually on our priority list and we are working to have this resolved very soon.

  • Mgs0008b221
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    I'm fond of the PIN auto accept if it's toggle-able.

  • KellyG
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    Hi @Mgs0008b221, we don't have that on the list right now, mostly because the quick unlock code doesn't have a set number of characters. On the iOS version you only get the option of a 4-digit code, so it's easy to make the code auto-accept, it will always be 4 digits for everyone. On Android that's not the case, so auto-accept is probably not going to change unless we change the QUC options.

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