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Hey Forum,

I am inquiring about 1Password with windows/android/chromeOS. Right now my current setup is:

Custom gaming desktop at home running windows 7
Acer chromebook running ChromeOS (for travel and small usage)
Samsung Galaxy S4
Work PC running windows 7

Those are all my devices that I use on a daily basis, along with that, my choice of browser is Chrome.

So my question to the forum is this, What do I need to use 1Password on all these devices? Do I need one windows license that will carry to all the other devices? If my wife wants to use 1Password, do I need to buy a separate license for her? Will 1Password store over Google Drive?

Thanks for helping the newcomer! Looking forward to using 1Password more extensively.


  • khadkhad
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    Welcome to the forums, @Pcable131! Thanks for your interest in 1Password. :)

    1. 1Password for Windows is on sale right now for 30% OFF. A single user Windows license covers your personal usage of 1Password on as many Windows PCs as you can possibly ever afford. If your wife will be using 1Password for Windows, we ask that you purchase a Family License which will cover up to four additional users in your household.
    2. There is not currently a version of 1Password for Chrome OS, but 1PasswordAnywhere (free; built in to your data file from Windows) should help in that regard since it works in any modern browser. I know a lot of folks who use 1PasswordAnywhere to access their 1Password data on Chrome OS.
    3. 1Password for Android is currently a read-only app, but it is free. A new, full-featured Android app is currently being tested. We'd love to have you sign up for the 1Password for Android beta if you wanted to test it and provide feedback.

    1Password for Windows stores its data in the file system, so you can use Google Drive to store it, but support for Google Drive it not available on any other platform. You may find syncing your 1Password data via Google Drive of limited utility because of this. For now, Dropbox works across all current versions on all supported platforms. We are always looking at other sync solutions, though, and I'll make sure the developers know you are interested in Google Drive. Thanks for letting me know! :)

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help.


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