Wi-Fi Sync for Android needed!

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I'm really disappointed that there is no Wi-Fi Sync in the beta for Android, is it even planned?

I love 1Password and use it on my Mac and Windows everyday, I'm really really missing it for Android. So I was very happy to here about an Android version and thought, sure, it will get Wi-Fi Sync because the iOS version has it, too.
So, will the Android version still be far away from the iOS version? I'm sad.

I can't get myself to use Dropbox just for syncing my Passwords to my Android device, I never ever want to use Dropbox. Please Add Wi-Fi Sync for Android, the secure storage for my passwords is just locally at my devices, not outside of europe at some US based servers.


  • Hi @buggypac. Thanks for writing to us. I am really sorry to hear how much the lack of WiFi sync is affecting you. :(

    WiFi sync, along with local filesystem sync, has been one of the most requested feature from our beta users. This is something our developers are currently looking into at this time. I'll also pass on your vote for this request.

    Thanks for your feedback. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • godot2014
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    Sync should work on both wifi and Bluetooth please.

  • luke1970
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    I need WiFi sync to.

  • Thanks for your feedback, I will pass on your requests to our developers. :)

  • sye
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    Other syncing options are probably one of the most desirable functions although. Love to see Google Drive, WiFi, Dropbox, Box, etc for all devices. :)

  • Thanks for your suggestions @sye. Google Drive and Wi-Fi sync support have been among the most requested features. We are also looking into local folder sync support. There is a possibility that local folder sync may allow users to sync their data using a preferred cloud storage. :)

    I will pass on your requests. Thanks again!

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