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I was glad to see that you're working on an Android-app. However, after installing the first public beta, I am extremely dissappointed. The only thing that really shines is the icon which looks just gorgeous on the Nexus 5's display. Then I started the app and I was greeted by two options: I'm either a new 1Password user or agilebits assumes that I'm using Dropbox. Which I am not. On Android I'd at least expect support for Google Drive as a storage option.

But as apps are allowed to access the filesystem on Android: Why not allow me to manually store my encrypted password-database on the device? Just tell me that it won't update itself if I am not using Drive/Dropbox.

Also, the animations seem weird to my eyes. They don't look like this is a native Android app but a webapp instead. I didn't take a closer look at the apk, but I somehow don't expect to find a pure Android-app in it. I hope I'm wrong. But then I'd have to ask why the app feels so foreign.

Please don't take this the wrong way; I really appreciate you finally supporting Android. I'm just dissappointed that you don't seem to care for the platform. And that's sad.

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  • Hi @dictvm,

    I am sorry to hear you’re disappointed in the new version of 1Password for Android. We really appreciate your feedback and I will surely pass on your comments to our development team. I also want to remind you that this is still the beta, and you along with other beta testers are helping in shaping the final product of 1Password for Android!

    The very first sync service for 1Password started with Dropbox! Dropbox has been working great on all platforms and is available on 1Password on all operating systems. When it comes to storage options, it’s really important for us to support one that’s available on all platforms! Google Drive support is among the top requested storage service, so our developers are certainly looking into it. :)

    As for storing your data locally, I am happy to say this is a feature on our priority list! Having the ability to sync to your local filesystem can even allow users to sync using their preferred cloud storage. Our developers are currently looking into it!

    Lastly, could you be more specific with the animation? What animations would you like to see improvements on? Or do you prefer disabling all animations?

    I want to thank you again for your feedback and suggestions. I think we can all agree when I say that we are taking big steps into supporting Android. Our priority with this version of Android is to have an ‘Edit’ button. Other functionalities will arrive shortly!

  • Iconprojet
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    I received my first beta of 1Password for Android, graphics UI I find it amazing!, Synced my dropbox backup, no problems smoothly on my Galaxy S4, congratulations keep it up. good job to all the staff

  • Hi @Iconprojet! Thank you for the great feedback. I am glad you're enjoying the shiny new 1Password on your S4!

  • Iconprojet
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    Thank you Saad for inviting me as a tester I really like the UI very similar with my 1Password for Mac, attach screenshots of the home screen ;)

  • @Iconprojet: Ohhh you already set up a Quick Unlock Code? That's awesome. It's always one of the first things I recommend. Looks beautiful!

  • Iconprojet
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    They always do. I released a screenshot on Twitter when I synchronize the data. ;)

  • geoffharcourt
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    Just installed the beta, and my first impression is that this is a massive improvement over the current 1Password Reader app. I was very sad when I moved to Android to see the state of the 1Password app, but the beta is a huge step in the right direction. Looks much better.

    Most importantly, the search is now a first-class function! Since my normal use of the app is 1) need a password, 2) open 1Password, 3) search for the password, 4) copy it to clipboard, 5) paste it into the browser, being able to search directly from the home screen without two extra clicks is hugely useful.

  • dkillk
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    Yeah!!! I've been anxiously waiting since I heard about the new beta!!!

    Download and install went smoothly. With over 1,000 items the initial sync took a while but went smoothy. A couple of error messages flashed up, but too quickly for me to read them.

    I'm sure you know the app doesn't automatically fill in login information on web pages, but copy and paste worked smoothly.

    Edits made on my phone synced back to my desktop as they should.

    I really like the user interface and various options. Didn't find anything to complain about. It is really nice to now be able to create and edit 1 Password records on my phone!

    Nexus 5

  • rkcmd
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    I've been using 1Password for a long time, and I love how it's free, and it allows you to store passwords in the cloud. Dropbox integrations is great; I don't need to connect my phone to my computer every time I need to backup my passwords. The only thing is, the app doesn't allow you to edit stuff directly. You'd have to edit on your PC and save it there. Lo and behold: AgileBits made this new beta app and so far, I've got nothing but praise with this. Major props to the dev team. Happy new year, everyone! (Philippine standard time right now here is December 31)

  • lamonicaj
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    I personally am very pleased with the Beta!!!! I had been holding on to SplashID because the original version looked more like a reader vs. interactive. I had come from iOS and was initially unhappy with this, but this looks great on my Note 3. Please keep the updates coming!!!!

  • saad
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    @geoffharcourt: That’s awesome. It’s nice to know you’re liking the search functionality!

    @dkillk: Hi Dwight! That sounds familiar ;) I’m happy the error messages didn’t cause any sync problems.

    1Password does not support filling in logins on external browsers at the moment. We are looking into possibly adding a more universal way to access your content in 1Password - such as developing browser plugins or a 1Password keyboard.

    With that being said, you can continue to use the WebView to fill in your credentials. Just select your login item in 1Password, then tap on the triangle on the right of the link for additional menu. Select ‘Login’ from the menu and it will go and fill in your login information.

    @rkcmd: Thank you for supporting 1Password for all of these years. I’m glad to hear you’re liking the edit functionality, it’s a big step towards the right direction. Happy New Year!

    @lamonicaj: Thanks for the great feedback, it’s nice to hear you’re enjoying 1Password Beta on your Note 3!


    Thanks everyone for sharing your first impressions. I hope you continue to enjoy the changes and improvements that will be coming in future updates.

    Thanks again for all of your hard work and for helping shape the new 1Password on Android.

  • Jorand
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    I'm a french user, and i'm very happy to receive the beta. I use the nexus 5 and this new version is really good!

    Thank you very much,
    good job.

  • Kevllar
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    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Been waiting for this to happen and glad to be part of the Beta. Will be posting my feedback soon. Keep up the great work!

  • cliffveal
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    Thanks so much for this new release. I downloaded it and installed; it went straight to Dropbox and performed flawlessly. Seems all data is there. As I begin to use it more I might have more comments, but so far... great!

  • hampoo
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    I was so excited to see the new beta come out. BUT I am not going to sign up for Dropbox just so I can test this beta, and I'd prefer not putting putting password data on cloud storage. Since the local file option never worked for me in the the last version, I don't have high hopes for the local storage feature in this version. What about the wireless sync option like the iOS version?

  • Bulldog76
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    I have used 1password for Mac and IOS for quite a long time, used the Beta in IOS also. I am excited that of this Beta for Android as well. My first impression is that the interface looks nice. Fells good to use.
    I have set up a Quick unlock code.
    What i am missing is the same feature as in ios, when you enter your code in IOS you do not need to press enter. Would be nice to have in the Android version as well.

    Now i am just waiting for my invite for 1Password beta for windows also, on my new job i use windows only and the app that exists for windows could be so much better.
    Keep up the good work

  • skywalker
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    Thanks for finally getting this to us. Coming from an iphone this was my one must have app that I've missed. Great to see you guys developing and moving forward with android, keep up the good work!

  • Iconprojet
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    Until now 1Password beta for Android works well for me, does not crash until now never a sudden closing, I must say that to be a beta runs pretty well, perfect sync with my dropbox! I'm using a Galaxy S4 with Android 4.3 ;)

  • slicedbread
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    I'd like to add that I use dropbox syncing between iOS, mac, android and windows. So far syncing has been great and a lot more stable than I expected given this is a beta.

    I would also like to request that purely entering the digits of the quick unlock code unlocks the app, without having to press the unlock button in the middle of the screen. Even this additional button press seems to slow down the experience (relative to the iOS implementation). Though it appears this android version allows quick unlock codes to be longer than 4 digits.

  • Charles_Haynes
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    Just installed the beta on my Nexus 7.

    • Dropbox sync seems faster, though maybe that's my imagination :)
    • UI looks great
    • OMG it's editable! Hooray!

    Now if you can fix user/pass copy/paste that'd be fantastic. Having to either type my (looong) master password twice, or type my username manually is a PITA. I know you're looking into it, please consider this encouragement to carry on.

  • @Jorand: Bonjour! Glad to hear you're liking the beta. Thank you. :)

    @Kevllar & @cliffveal: You're welcome! I'm looking forward to your feedback!

    @hampoo: Hello! I'm sorry to hear that. :( We are looking into possibly adding local file sync and wifi sync in a future update. It's still being looked over. Thanks for your suggestions, I will pass on your vote to our development team.

    @Bulldog76 & @slicedbread: 1Password for Android does not have a 4 digit limit for the unlock code like on iOS. However, I can understand the convenience of not having to hit the unlock button each time. I will bring this up to our developers. Thank you!

    @Iconprojet: Thanks for sharing! I'll pass on your comment, I am sure it will bring a smile to our development team. :)

    @Charles_Haynes: Yay for the edit button! :D I'll pass on your request to the development team. The copy & paste feature has been requested by many users. Thanks for your vote.

  • Iconprojet
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    Awesome New beta! thanks added icon to login site ;)

  • Yep, beta 8 includes support for rich icons. ;)

  • MacLifeGR
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    Kudos for the rich icons support! UI is coming along pretty nicely.

  • Thank you! :)

  • Iconprojet
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    the new version Version 4.0.0b14 (Build 20,140,407) works fine on my Note3
    I can not wait to be able to have the final version.
    good work

  • I'm glad to hear that you liked beta 14 and I hope you're liking beta 16 even more!

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