Android beta is great & wish for local sync option

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Just a small thank you message to the 1Password Developer - finally I can (really) use it completely on all of my mobile and computer devices :-)

I synced via dropbox, but I'd love to have the option on syncing in local WiFi or via 1Password file. As I'm very concerned about privacy, and as a non US customer (PRISM) I'd love to have the chance and distribute my 1Password file without the usage of an external service.

Beside that it feels great to have a complete 1Password on my Android now :-) Now I have one reason less to miss my iPhone.





  • bhaenraets
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    Yup! I agree with everything uunger said.

  • KellyG
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    Hi @uunger and @bhaenraets,

    I have added your votes for local sync. This is already a feature we have recorded, so your votes are helping. Let me know what other feedback you have. :)

  • Jaun
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    Add my vote for a local sync option as well! So far loving the beta!

  • sejtam
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    Local Wifi sync would be great

  • Thanks for the up votes! I passed it on :)

  • milesd
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    Another vote for this feature from me!

  • RMNL
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    Yes, just downloaded the beta, and was immediately stuck. I don't sync my 1password file with Dropbox and as a result I'm not able to use the app.

    Local sync +1

  • spacek33z
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    I have the same as RMNL, I use the FolderSync app to sync my agile-keychain file.

    Another local sync +1

  • Sacred_Brindle
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  • norcal11
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  • Thanks everyone for your votes. This is definitely one of the most requested feature! Our developers are currently looking into it. :)

  • drwho
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    Please add my vote for the local or wifi sync as well. After receiving my invite I eagerly installed the app only to find Dropbox or new as options. I'm very glad to be part of the beta and for now, at least, I will manually add the necessary entries from 1Password on my desktop.

  • Hey @drwho! I will definitely add your vote, thanks for sharing. I apologize for any inconvenience in the meantime.

  • EthanHunt
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    Plus one for local SD Sync using Synology CloudStation.

  • Thanks for the up vote. We have been experimenting with local filesystem sync the past few days. Keep an eye out for an update. :)

  • wd1p
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  • godot2014
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    +1 Add me to the list. I don't trust clouds.

  • Added both your votes. Thanks. :)

  • +1 for local sync.

  • sye
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    +1 as well. Means I can use Google Drive instead. :)

  • Added your votes! Thanks.

  • ixoxo
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    I use FolderSync to sync the key chain with my owncloud installation via WebDAV. With the 1Password reader it works like a charm.

    WebDAV sync would be another great feature.

    Btw. Where the data is stored at the moment. Can't finde a folder on my rooted device. Checked all the typical folders.

  • saad
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    Hey @ixoxo. I will add your vote for this request. Thank you.

    Your data is stored within /data/data/ but it requires root access in order to view it. However, I should mention, your data is not stored in an agilekeychain format. This means you won't be able to copy your encrypted data files from your Android device and transfer it over to another platform. You also won't be able to copy in a agilekeychain file from any of your other devices. 1Password Beta for Android is not designed for this.

    I would recommend waiting until something like folder sync is implemented, I am sure that will solve all of the problems. Thanks for your patience. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • wasabinator
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    +1 for local sync please! I'm really liking the Android Beta and really hope it eventually comes to the Android version. This feature is a huge differentiator for me which sets 1password apart from a very crowded market of password managers. I currently enjoy using wifi-sync between my macbook and my iPad, and having the feature on my Android phone would complete me :)

  • saad
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    Hey @wasabinator. Of course, we completely understand the importance of local sync options. I'll add your vote for both WiFi sync and folder sync support. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

  • stefan1187
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    +1 for local sync! :)

  • virtualhigh5
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    +1! Folder syncing is the only thing that's preventing me from using the beta right now...and I'd really like to cause it looks AWESOME! Don't like dropbox so I sync stuff via my NAS.

  • mmarconi
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    Another vote for local sync, many of us have NAS's today with their own cloud implementation. DropBox is ok for non-critical files, but I can't understand why anyone would consider putting their most sensitive data on it.

  • Thanks for your votes! Keep an eye out for an update. ;)

  • saad
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    Folder sync has been implemented in beta 10, which became available yesterday. You will need to go through the welcome screen and select "I'm an existing 1Password user" -> "My 1Password data is stored locally" and select your agilekeychain through the file manager.

    If you have already set up a agilekeychain with 1Password and would like to switch to folder sync, you will need to reset all of 1Password's data & settings and start it up as if you are running it for the first time. The beta does not support switching from a preexisting configuration at the moment. Here's what you will need to do if you have already set up 1Password:

    • This will remove all of your 1Password data on the device. Please make sure to safely store any new items that have not synced over, everything will be deleted permanently.

    • Go into Device Settings > Apps > 1Password and tap "Clear data" and confirm the dialog.

    You can now launch 1Password Beta and continue through the welcome screen to set up folder sync.

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