Long term feature question / request: shared / separate vaults

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I know it might be way to early to ask ;) but just a general question: Will shared (or separate) vaults (that exist e.g. in my dropbox folder) be accessible by the Android app as well?

I know they were just introduced in the 1password mac v4, it would be wonderful if they came along at some point in time on the other platforms as well..


P.s.: I just installed the beta and I was using the Android reader app so far - its GREAT to see that the android users get some new 1password love, really!


  • KellyG
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    Hi m4gr01ino,

    We're always looking, and we hope to have multiple vault support but I can't say when that will be. We're hoping to bring multiple vaults to all platforms eventually, but again, I don't know how "eventually" that will actually be. :)

    Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you like the new version. Now tell us what would make it better. :)

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