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two master password on iOS

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I installed the PC version and then install IOS version, both versions are set to a different master password, and then I use dropbox and icloud sync in IOS, the data is merged. Now I find in IOS through two master password to access the same data.
is it all right? or a bug?


  • MeganMegan
    1Password Alumni

    Hi @Jun,

    Your Master Password should be the same across all devices. I'd like to get just a bit more information on your situation here, as it sounds to me like you might have two separate databases on the go.

    • Just to confirm: PC in this case refers to Windows, right? ;)
    • What are the version numbers for 1Password and the operating systems on all your computers and devices?
    • Which computer or device has your most up-to-date password data on it?

    I would also like to mention that we only recommend enabling one sync solution at a time. When we initially released 1Password 4 for iOS, we had hoped to allow multiple syncs to be enabled, but it has resulted in some complications. If you are using a Windows machine, Dropbox is the solution that will keep your data synced up.

  • JunJun
    Community Member

    Thank you very much for your help.

    I try to delete the icloud data (iphone-setting-icloud) and app from iphone.
    I download 1password app and init again. First,turn on dropbox,next step I turn on icloud .Sync are work well now.

    at win&iOS

  • MeganMegan
    1Password Alumni

    Hi @Jun,

    Thanks so much for letting me know that you've got things working again. Please note that you might run into a similar situation down the road by keeping both Dropbox and iCloud enabled. If you do, reinstalling again should work, but it might be easier to just keep your data in Dropbox only. :)

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