1Password Synching Issue

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I have 1Password 4 on my new iMac running Mavericks.
All plugins installed and appears to be running okay...on my iMac.
I have changed passwords for several accounts and they are working fine...on my iMac.
I have 1Password v4.3.2 installed on my iPhone 5S and it appears not to be synching...synch icon continually spins.
When I check favorites, it uses "OLD" accounts and "OLD" passwords. It won't even recognize new accounts I added.
I deleted 1Password 4.3.2 from iPhone. Shut off iPhone and waited a few minutes. Turned iPhone back on and reinstalled 1Password 4.3.2.
Same old favorites popped up on 1Password. And synch icon continually spins.
I deleted all favorites from IOS 1Password.
Added accounts back into favorites and still same problem...using old passwords.
Another thing that is interesting. It still sees an account that I had deleted using 1Password 4 on my iMac. Now I wonder if Dropbox is set up correctly on my iMac. I believe it is.
Any help appreciated.


  • hawkmoth
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    Is there any chance you are logged in to different Dropbox accounts on your Mac and iPhone? This is just my thought as a fellow user. If that isn't it, you need help from a support guru.

    The continuously spinning gears is a known cosmetic bug that is reportedly squashed and will be fixed in the next iOS update, but it sounds like your problem is deeper than that. You can safely ignore the spinning gears, but obviously not the lack of agreement between devices.

  • MikeBezner
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    Look at the thread I started on Dec 17. I had the same problem, and still do. Instructions on how to fix it are there, but it will happen again if you restart a computer.

  • Megan
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    Hi @skays,

    The thread that @MikeBezner is referring to is here. Please let me know if you have any further questions - we're here to help :)

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