All generated passwords should be saved

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I used 1password on Android to generate a password and typed it in to set a password on a web form on another machine that can't link to my 1password store in dropbox. Then I accidentally closed out of 1password on Android.

The result was that the generated password was permanently lost and I actually had to go through the password retrieval routine on the relevant web site.

I'm not sure if it's necessarily required to store the password more than temporarily under these circumstances, but I shouldn't be able to use the password in a web form and then be completely unable to retrieve it minutes later. Maybe passwords that are generated in this way but not saved should be put into the Trash where they can be retrieved. Alternatively, any generated password could simply be saved. It can always be deleted by the user later.


  • mverdemverde

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    This is currently a limitation that is present in both 1Password 4 for iOS and the beta on Android. As this is something that we will likely want to keep consistent between iOS and Android, any changes to this will likely need to involve both the iOS and Android development teams. I will pass on this suggestion to both.

    In the meantime, you can work around this by first creating and saving a password item before you enter the password into a web form. Although this is not as convenient as what you are suggesting, it should save you the hassle of potentially losing the generated password and having to go through a password retrieval process.

    Thank you for the feedback! Feel free to keep the suggestions coming.

  • JudesRomesJudesRomes
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    I too am very frustrated that I can't easily look up the password I just generated. I generated one that for some reason didn't automatically register and now I have no way of finding it other than contacting the company website I made the password for. PLEASE return that functionality! I work mostly on my laptop, currently running OSX 10.9.2

  • saadsaad

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    Hey @JudesRomes. Thank you for your feedback. I am really sorry for the trouble this has caused. I will pass on your request to the development team. Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

  • EnerJiEnerJi
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    This is very inconsistent with the Mac version of 1Password, right? On the Mac version every generated password is automatically saved for easy retrieval. I see the lack of this feature on the mobile apps negatively impacting me, so consider this another vote for automatic save (and synchronization across devices) of generated passwords.

  • saadsaad

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    Hey @EnerJi! Yes, 1Password 4 for Mac keeps track of all of your generated password since you can create them on the go. For example, let's say you're on a new website and you would like to generate a password. This is very easy to do, just open 1Password Mini or the browser extension and create your new password.

    In 1Password for Android, the only way you can generate a password is by creating an item with a password field, such as a login item. You don't have the ability to generate passwords without having an item associated to it. Once you used the generator, you can save the item in your vault and then choose to copy the password to your system clipboard if you like.

    That's why it's more important to save your generated password on your Mac, especially when you generate passwords without actually creating the item. I hope that helps explain a bit of the difference. I'll continue to add your vote for this request, thanks so much for your feedback. :) Let me know if you have any other questions.

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