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Downloaded B9 onto Nexus 7 from email link. Installed quickly. Synced quickly, probably because I already have 1PW Reader app already installed.
BTW, I use Dropbox to sync between devices. I opened B9, entered my password & brought up my data. I went to my NY Times login & tapped on URL link, which brought up dialog window prompting me to connect to NYT URL via Chrome. Did that & discovered no automatic login link. Tabbed back to B9 app & had to log back in again, then clicked on help, which dumped me back out to your website using Chrome. Read a bit and found I had to copy and paste the login from B9 app to Chrome. Tabbed back to B9 app--had to log back in again, WTF!

Problem No. 1: Every time I tab from B9 app to Chrome or any other app, I'm automatically logged out of B9 app. FIX THIS GUYS! Put a time limit on it like you do on my Mac. Don't make me type in my master password for 1PW every damn time I get dumped out of the B9 app or switch back and forth between B9 app & browser app to copy & paste logins. This is a giant PITA!

Problem No. 2: Where the hell is the copy & paste button/tab on B9 when I'm viewing the login list? Call me stupid but I can't find it. And if I touch anything I get dumped out of the B9 app & have to log back in again. Very frustrating! So tell dummies like me how to copy & paste logins since that's the only way to transfer the data from B9 app to my browser. And make it more obvious & intuitive for other dummies using the app.

Problem No. 3: After several unsuccessfully attempts to copy/paste login data from B9 app, the B9 app would not recognize my master password login when trying to log back in to B9 app, even after I slowly & carefully & correctly entered it. I have to assume this was because of my multiple logins to the B9 app during a short time period, right? wrong? what's the problem?

I REALLY want to use 1PW across my Macs, iPhone & Nexus 7 devices. B9 is a nice looking app & synced quickly for me. But fix the B9 login issues and the copy & paste function or it's a non-starter for me.

Last question: Do I need to uninstall 1PW Reader app? Should I? Please advise.

Thanks for all your hard work.


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    Hey @kmkirlin! There are major UI changes coming to the beta in upcoming updates, so please expect that. However, I did want to go over a couple of things that may help with the issues you are having:

    1) When you are viewing a login item in the detail view, you’ll see a little triangle on the right of the field name. If you tap on this triangle, you’ll find an option to copy the value. If you open the menu for a URL, you’ll see a ‘Login’ option that allows you to use the internal web view to perform login filling. Here is a screenshot.

    We understand this triangle is easy to miss, and we are reviewing the current design.

    2) There are two option in Settings -> Security that may help.

    • Quick Unlock Code: The Quick Unlock Code allows you to create a short numerical passcode (ideally 4 digits) to unlock your vault. With this feature enabled, every time you return back to 1Password from the background, you will only be required to enter your quick unlock code to access your data. So now when you switch between applications and return back to 1Password, you just need to enter your numeric passcode instead of your master password.

    • Lock on Exit: This will keep your vault unlocked when you switch between applications on your device. There’s no need to enter a quick unlock code or a master password when you return

    And for your final question, it’s really up to you if you want to keep 1Password Reader or not. I would recommend keeping it, just because the beta is still a work-in-progress and if you have any problems viewing certain items, you can always switch over to the 1Password Reader to accomplish your needs.

    I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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