Dropbox syncing hasn't worked correctly since b35

For iOS, there's also no progress bar. I think the new syncing system is a significant downgrade from the previous system, as-is.


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    AgileBits have done a good job of communicating that they are aware of this and that it is a work-in-progress in the plentiful other discussions on syncing being broken. They're not going to release an app with syncing that doesn't work, so no worries. It might take some time before syncing is stable in the beta releases. If you come across a specific sync bug that hasn't been reported yet, I'm sure they would love to hear about it.

    It seems like the beta is normally pretty high-quality, so most of us use it in place of the public release. But betas are for testing, and sometimes they break. I really enjoy using the beta since it's a big improvement over the current release, but since syncing is broken right now I've gone back to using the release version primarily (though I still use the beta every day). That's my suggestion until the sync kinks are worked out.

  • My thoughts exactly.

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    I'm re-reading my comment and hoping it wasn't too direct. I'm not trying to put you off reporting issues or trying to discuss changes, improvements, features, etc. It's just a bit irksome to have multiple vague "dropbox syncing doesn't work" posts as it creates a fragmented discussion, and multiple reports of the same issue creates unnecessary noise for AgileBits as they collect info from the forums. @MrRooni et al. are very gracious about stuff like this, and it's clear that they value our input and don't want to quench anyone's enthusiasm. Let's try to be as helpful and grateful as we can be and avoid making them feel like they're just fielding complaints.

  • @ethanisson I was just being succinct with my comments. I also made note of the lack of the progress bar, which I don't see having been properly reported. Also, I just installed b37 yesterday, and my purpose of posting this now is that I was reporting my experience with a new build I just installed.

    I have previously reported many bugs and it's my writing style to be brief and to the point.

  • @ethanisson @gregspeechley I do not read every post in the forums, nor do I intend to. When I find something wrong, I post about it. After all, isn't that the whole point of using the beta? In my past experience, I found that if there are duplicate discussions, the moderators have done a good job of merging the threads.

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    @HenryY, brevity is definitely a good goal. That's something I'm often not good at as you're about to discover. I'm sorry if it seemed like I was harping on you for not pouring over every discussion before you post just to be sure someone else hasn't already mentioned what you're wanting to report. I think I've probably been guilty before of creating a duplicate bug report. Also, I'm sure AgileBits don't want anyone to be hesitant to report bugs for fear that they might be doing it wrong.

    The reason I wrote what I did is because this thread is not only redundant, but also doesn't provide any new information or meaningful feedback. And I had noticed a comment by you on another thread less than a week ago pointing out that Dropbox syncing is broken (http://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/comment/107990/#Comment_107990). Why create a new discussion about Dropbox sync when you already know that there is at least one existing thread about general Dropbox syncing issues? A quick scan down the list of discussions makes it obvious that there are several "dropbox sync broken" threads without having to read each one.

    The progress indicator has come up in at least three threads that I know of, but normally as an aside to other comments on the new sync system, rather than a thread of its own. @MikeT did point out that they are already working on it (http://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/comment/107142/#Comment_107142), but that's buried pretty far down in that discussion, so I don't blame you for not having seen it. However, if you are interested in "properly reporting" the lack of a progress bar, may I suggest creating a thread specifically for that? It's best to follow the bug report template and give your thread a descriptive title (http://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/11021/filing-bug-reports).

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