Relaunch of forces master password request not quick code

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1Password Version: 4.0.0b11 (Build 20140307)
Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Issue: Relaunching app results in master password authentication not quick code, BUT switching to 1Password from task manager asks for quick code.

Security settings:
Quick Unlock Code: On
Lock on Exit: On
Autolock Interval: 2 min

Test 1:
1. Launch 1Password for the first time
2. Authenticate using master password and enter app
3. Press home button off (side button on GSN3)
4. Select 1Password (either from application list or quick launch icon)

Result: Application requests master password for authentication.

Test 2:
1. Perform steps 1 & 2 from Test 1
2. Launch task manager and select 1Password

Result: Application requests Quick Code to authenticate

NOTE: This behaviour is not consistent. Sometimes the authentication request is quick code, however, there are times when the master password is requested.


  • saadsaad

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    Hey @drwho. Thanks so much for reporting this bug and providing us with steps to reproduce it. I was unable to reproduce this on my device but other users have confirmed they are experiencing similar issues. I will pass on this information to our developers and keep a closer eye on the behaviour.

    I believe Test 2 works as expected. When you launch your list of recently opened apps, you're technically leaving 1Password.

    Thanks again for reporting this bug. :)

  • drwhodrwho
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    Thanks for the reply. As for Test 2, like I mentioned, I get both results. Sometimes I'm asked for the master password, other times the quick code.

  • saadsaad

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    Thanks for the clarification. I will keep a closer eye on this matter and pass on these details to our developers. Let me know if you have any other concerns or questions.

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