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I've recently started carrying my bluetooth keyboard around with me thanks to a clever little origami case … thingy … that keeps the keyboard clean and protected in my bag. (Now if Apple would make iOS keep track of the keyboard batteries…)

Anyway, I have discovered much to my cheers that Safari in iOS works with common Safari for OS X keyboard shortcuts when paired with an external keyboard—Cmd-W closes a tab, Cmd-T opens a new one, Cmd-L selects the location bar… Highly useful for those of us with muscle memory! I'd really love to see this feature come to 1Browser!

(The other things I'd really like to see are private browsing and the ability maybe as an advanced feature to select a different search engine than Google. I have noticed that 1Browser uses the URL keyboard for the location bar, but a BT keyboard can type a random non-URL and it'll be shunted off to Google… But those are separate and more user-visible changes that are perhaps harder to add if they're not already on the way.)


  • MeganMegan
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    Hi @tjcarter,

    Thanks so much for letting us know you're interested in this! I'll pass your thoughts along to our developers. :)

  • tjcartertjcarter
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    Thanks! :) I was actually surprised by how much support there was in Safari for the keyboard, and I missed it the moment I opened 1Browser.

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