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Does 1Password store S/MIME certificates... can it?

Chris Lamont MankowskiChris Lamont Mankowski
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I want to use the same S/MIME certificate on OSX, Windows, and IOS.

What possibilities are there with certificate syncing?


  • jpgoldbergjpgoldberg

    Team Member

    1Password doesn't have a specific category for S/MIME (or PGP, or SSH) certificates or keys. Some people like to attach them to Secure Notes and others like to use Server and attach them there. I'm not sure about Windows, but if you use a .p12 format for these, that should be the easiest to import into most applications.

    1Password on iOS won't recognize .p12 attachments (at this time), so it isn't a useful way to get your certificate to your iOS devices. So for the time being, setting a good strong password for your .p12 certificate file and emailing it to yourself is still probably the easiest way to get the certificate into iOS.

    As you see, this isn't anything like an automatic synching mechanism. But typically you update these certificates only once every couple of years (as the old ones expire).

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