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upgradeSmartFolderPredicateFormat: | Unknown category name in predicate: categoryName == "Accounts"

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I just noticed in the console log there is a 1P error that keeps occurring:

9687E1B6676D4A7FA4123DC37A3CB493/(4)>] W upgradeSmartFolderPredicateFormat: | Unknown category name in predicate: categoryName == "Accounts"

I checked out what Smart folders I have (not many - and 1 of them was defunct) - so I tidied them up, but none of them seems to reference anything mentioned in the error. When I checked the log again, there were 2 more entries like the above - so it seems that accessing smart folders is causing it some issues.

Everything seems to be working fine - but thought it was worth mentioning.


  • MeganMegan
    1Password Alumni

    Hi Tim ( @365nice‌ ),

    This error makes sense if you have imported your Smart Folders from 1Password 3. It looks like one of your search conditions for one of your Smart Folders uses the Accounts category. Because we removed the "Accounts" category in 1Password 4, the Smart Folder isn't quite sure what to do.

    Could you please check the search terms in your Smart Folders? You might have to update the search conditions. :)

  • 365nice365nice
    Community Member

    That would make sense. I didn't see anything that referenced "accounts" in its query - but since restarting my machine a few days later, I haven't seen this in the logs, so possibly my "tidy up" did the trick.

  • JasperJasper

    Team Member

    Awesome! :)

    Please let us know if you have any other questions. We're always here to help!

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