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Resetting Master Password

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Hi, I just bought 1Password 4 and maybe I typed my master password wrong (twice?!) but in any case, I can't login in. How do I reset my master password?

Thank you!


  • MeganMegan
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    Hi @anita78‌,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble getting 1Password set up! For your privacy and security, your master password is known only by you. We cannot reset it for you and you cannot change it without entering the old one. There is also no "back door" to access your data without the master password. If there were, that would be a security hole that criminals could exploit to steal your information.

    If you think you know what the password is, but it is not being accepted, please try some of these tips.

    • If you have accents such as è, î and so on, try replacing it with the regular character such as e for è and see if that’ll get you in.
    • Try leaving the caps lock on and/or off. You can also try copying and pasting your master password in a text editor. Make sure it’s an editor that doesn’t sync to the cloud automatically (you wouldn’t want to expose your password in clear view). Copy the password and then paste into the master password field in 1Password.
    • If you entered the password hint for this data file, 1Password will show it automatically in a prompt after every three incorrect attempts. Confirm it’s the right hint that you entered because if not, you may be looking at a different data file.

    Please try each tip, for we have found them to be the most common causes of this problem. If you cannot remember the password, you will need to restore from a backup or start over. You can do a restore from File > Restore, or you can start over using this link.


    If you've really never stored anything in your 1Password data file then starting over is really easy -- but you'll want to make sure and provide a good "password hint" so you don't forget the master password again.

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