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Can you enable the PIN Code as a default (and increase the number of allowed pin attempts) for users with Touch ID enabled? For those with Touch ID enabled, a PIN Code is more than sufficient protection. I've been a long time Dashlane user, and they allow for PIN Codes as the default password entry. This makes the Dashlane iOS app a lot more convenient and practical than the 1Password app.


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    Hi @yyoo!

    You are not alone in wanting the easier ways to fully unlock 1Password. As you see in the Beta, the PIN code does more than in the release version. Allowing for more than one attempt before forcing use of the Master Password is certainly something for us to look at.

    In the (very) old days, before iOS, we had an option on 1Password for Mac (the only 1Password there was in those days) to "never prompt for Master Password". One difficulty that we ran into is that people forgot their Master Passwords. And if, for some reason they lost or damaged there OS X Keychain (where the Master Password was stored) then they were locked out of their data forever. So, I like to encourage people to use their Master Passwords at least once a day. But we perhaps there is a "compromise" solution, perhaps an occasional nag, to ensure that people don't forget their Master Passwords.

    That is an excellent suggestion about detecting whether a device passcode/TouchID is set. Unfortunately we there is no public API for determining such things, so apps like 1Password cannot set different behaviors depending on whether passcode or TouchID is enabled. (As you can see from my ready answer, we've already looked into this.) So again, we have to simply "advise" people that if they use particular features that they be sure to enable a device passcode.

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